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One Way Internet Access - DVB-IP

Here you can find an example prices for the services calculated link for one direction Downlink budget.

Fully Dedicated bandwidth within the shared peak bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Service covered: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Asia Pacific - for more information about coverage area please, click here.

  • Approx. fees for one way broadabnd internet access per month:

Contention Ratio

Guaranteed Bandwidth (dedicated)

Burst (shared)

Fees per Month (EUR)

1:50 C/R

16 Kbps (CIR 100%)

64 Kbps

50 EUR

1:50 C/R

32 Kbps (CIR 100%)

128 Kbps

100 EUR

1:50 C/R

64 Kbps (CIR 100%)

256 Kbps

200 EUR

1:50 C/R

128 Kbps (CIR 100%)

512 Kbps

400 EUR

1:50 C/R

256 Kbps (CIR 100%)

1024 Kbps

800 EUR

1:60 C/R

256 Kbps (CIR 100%)

2048 Kbps

1600 EUR

1:60 C/R

256 Kbps (CIR 100%)

3072 Kbps

2400 EUR

1:60 C/R

512 Kbps (CIR 100%)

4608 Kbps

3200 EUR

*Minimum Contract Term is One Year.

For more information the package above, please click here.

In order to have an exact prices, please contact us at:


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