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Satellite internet Access or Satellite Communications are used in locations where terrestrial Internet access is not available and in locations which move frequently. Internet access via satellite is available globally, including vessels at sea and area of . Our satellite broadband service offer 2-way high-speed satellite internet access with no phone lines, no cable, no dial-up modem. It's always on, available virtually anywhere, and affordable. Your computer or network can, through a special satellite modem, broadcasts requests to a satellite dish that sits on top of your home or business. The dish then sends and receives signals from satellites that orbit some 22,000 miles above the equator.

Satellite Internet Access - Within The World Discovery Global Network offers broadband satellite Internet access to areas in Amreica, Europe, Middle East, Asia the reach of cable and DSL service providers. For commercial customers desiring to extend broadband Internet and/or the corporate enterprise to remote locations, Discovery Global Network offers cost effective turnkey solutions including equipment, installation and recurring satellite airtime.

Broadband Satellite Internet Access - International Applications For international Internet, VPN and enterprise applications, contact Discovery Global Network for a turnkey solution. Specific applications include: Military and Government connectivity back to CONUS from theatre of operation, ISPs, Cyber Cafes, Schools and etc.Connect field offices to US Headquarters for international construction or reconstruction. Connect international manufacturing or other field operations to America Headquarters and Europe. Satellite service options include dedicated bandwidth as well as shared satellite Internet services designed for the performance requirements of high end commercial customers. Discovery Global Netwok offers the iDirect and Linkstar Internet access services as well as dedicated bandwidth on most available satellites.

Internet Access – Aplications for data transfer, Video MPEG 2-4, Voice H.232, VoIP, eCommerce, eLearning, Frame Relay for this We offer a wide range of speeds ranging from 64kbps to 155Mbps, a choice of asymmetric or symmetric access, contention ranging from 50:1 to 1:1 with service level guarantees. End-to-End solutions for internet access via satellite in .


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