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iDirect Satellite Router S3000 Brochure

iDirect Satellite Router S5000 Brochure

iDirect Satellite Router S7000 Brochure

Viasat Linkstar Satellite Modem Brochure

Viasat Skyplex Brochure

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Discovery Global with in the World Network Service
Via Satellite

We offer range products for the new navigation business communication the approved VSAT terminal like iDirect satellite routers and Viasat satellite modems products. - Never lead up you and your business ascend with the cost effective prices and simple installation.

Satellite Routers For a Big CorporationsCost Effective Broadband Internet Access Solutions for any Enterprise with Viasat Satellite Modems
  • iDirect Satellite Routers (NGO "Discovery Global" is the official Partner in Central Asia)

iDirect Series 3000 Satellite Router| iDirect Series 5000 Satellite Router| iDirect Series 7000 Satellite Router

Provides an economical entry point into satellite networking and is an ideal solution for small to medium enterprise customers with basic remote networking needs. Can support all your IP applications remotely, including VoIP and basic Video.  A “single box” solution that includes a satellite modem, IP router, TCP acceleration over satellite, and QoS/prioritization in an easy to deploy, reliable design.Povides all the functionality to support your most demanding applications and the networking power to support your most bandwidth intensive users.  This high bandwidth capacity, combined with iDirect’s network flexibility, and Quality of Service (QoS) allows the series 5000 to go beyond traditional satellite networking, and operates  as an extension of your landline networkThe highest performance remote networking solution available today.  Developed to meet the most demanding user requirements, the series 7000 is a 19 inch 1U Rack Mounted router ideal for military, network carriers, or high end enterprise customers. With iDirect’s Quality of Service (QoS), the Series 7000 delivers all the benefits of broadband IP networking beyond the constraints of the wired world.
  • Viasat

Viasat Linkstar | Skyplex - Ka-band System for Broadband Multimedia by Eutelsat

Discovery Global - LinkStar Broadband Applications:
 	Internet access 
 	Digital media streaming 
 	Distance education 
 	File transfer 
 	Virtual private networks
Eutelsat and Comsat Laboratories division have developed a new Ka-band version of LinkStar for a broadband system called Skyplex, aimed at the market for high-speed multimedia communications. This terminal was custom-designed for Eutelsat's new Skyplex satellite, the first in the world to feature on-board multiplexing of digital television, radio, and data.

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