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Professional VSAT Systems

The attraction of Satellite for professional users is the ability to establish a network specifically dimensioned for the required service in terms of demand, performance, and geographical distribution, with the ease of scalability as the market expands.

Today's telecommunications are largely based on the ubiquitous Internet Protocol (IP). It enables applications such as Internet backbone access, Streaming and Video-over-IP, Corporate Networks - virtually any unicast or multicast service.

Two technologies dominate the professional IP over Satellite market: SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) and DVB (Digital Video Broadcast). Both systems allow high-speed digital transmission. While for communication purposes SCPC is is a pure point-to point technology, with bandwidth allocated to a single terminal, DVB allows for point-to-multipoint scenarios with satellite bandwidth shared among terminals.

  • For two-way satellite communication, both technologies are combined:

Discovery Global with in the World Network Service
  • SCPC/SCPC characterizes a link with both upstream (return channel, inbound) and downstream (forward channel, outbound) using SCPC technology.
  • • DVB/SCPC transmission uses DVB at the forward and SCPC at the return channel.

Discovery Global offers a complete range of professional Internet over Satellite services for the most demanding needs in many parts of the world.

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